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Sunday, 19 February 2017

JOY OF BUNDLE @ Sharan Sodhi

 The psychology we follow while eating is as crucial as the power within us.............
       While we eat,our thoughts get involved with the actions.....
        We eventually start believing the aura around us as we are surrounded by the hefty thoughts.
        We require enough positivism in our body to release the goodness out.
Steps to be followed ahead in order to release the goodness from within and come out with the flying colors.

1-Believe in you : You are the unique individual who is been created by the ALMIGHTY itself.Whatever you do just believe on that.
                   If you fail thus you learn and if you win thus you succeed.This is what a person is for.

2-Stop Comparing : You are one of such a creature who doesn't require to compare herself or himself out in order to look or
                   become better than anyone else.Every single person has his own perspective.We need to enjoy our own self.

3-Know your worth : You need to know what you have in you,your worth is actually what you require.Every one has something
                    in them,only the need of the hour is to know the worth..Once you start knowing yourself,you don't
                    require to find it outside.

4-Express yourself : You are the one who has enough thoughts in the lap,let it be get expressed.Expressing the inner values
                     helps you to become the energetic leader who is confident enough to come out with the ideas.

5-Be your own "HERO" : Let the world see the HERO in you.....


 So,Joy of the bundles,your eating will help you to become healthy or grow smarter,if your mind is filled with goodness ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
 Your food will help you,if you will help yourself first......
 Let's bring out the best within us!!!!!!!!!






Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi


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