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Thursday, 15 February 2018


                                         The Secret of Ageing,lie deep in molecular biology.

Ageing occurs when cells are continuously bombarded by the chemical particles called Free-Radicals.These free radicals are produced in the body by normal bodily functions like RESPIRATION,ELIMINATION,DIGESTION etc.

Free radicals are also produced by Pollution,Alcohol Intake,Eating Rancid Fats,Sugar-Laden Foods,Smoke from Car Exhausts etc.

                                        HOW DOES SUGAR AFFECT AGE?

Sugar is a sticky substance.When you have extra sugar floating in your bloodstream,the sticky sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins.This sugar attached proteins further cross-link,forming a new chemical structure,which starts the degeneration process within the body.

Therefore,Diabetes have a high risk of precipitating heart disease.Excess sugar in the blood is very damaging,your major body organs like,Heart,Kidney,Blood vessels,Eyes,Skin,Nerves are particularly vulnerable.

                                      HOW EXCESS FAT MAKES YOU AGE?

Fat plays the major role in making our insides age faster.It stimulates production of millions of free radicals,making cells cancerous & dysfunctional.The body can't cope with so many free radicals & the cellular destruction.

Consuming a plate of Jalebis,Pakode,Samosa,Muffins,Pastry etc. can cause free radical damage to your body in excess.

Why one needs to think to visit a Dietitian to have a Healthy Lifestyle?
But,Surprisingly feel happy to pop-up pills & visit doctor,QUIET STRANGE!!!!!!!

Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi


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