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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Agony of Menstrual Cramp : A Girl's Honest Guide.

       One of my Known : Why are you behaving different today,My Happy Soul?
          Me : Nothing,Just like that (with a very artificial smile)

Every Female needs to answer the same question in some way or the other.
Whereas,the answer to it is Listen Man : A Happy Soul is exactly happy but the Happy Soul is Dying with Dysmenorrhea....Oh in simple words,I mean to say Menstrual Cramps...
You won't ever and ever understand...

A girl has to go through the torturous phase....The Unbearable Pain,The Weird Mood Swings,The Unusual Cravings,The Small thing seems like a Hurricane.

In the LUTEAL PHASE,women are likely to eat High-Calorie foods during  their cycle.

During this time,women crave certain foods & that certain food craving can sound weird to someone,then let it be.

During Menstrual Period,the uterus contracts to help expel its lining.Hormone like substances such as Prostaglandins are involved in pain & inflammation which triggers the uterine muscle contractions.
Higher levels of Prostaglandins are associated with more severe menstrual cramps.

                       Females,are the creatures who are in themselves an example.

                                              Three Things To Keep In Mind

1- Acceptability : Work towards relieving pain in the most gentle way,Be Gentle With You.

2- Rest : Take some rest out of the fussy schedule.

3-Pampering : My favorite one- pamper yourself. Love yourself.


*Confusion Infusion : Harmonizing Tea that will help your body keep it's hormones in balance.

*Zerotolercramps : Herbs can go well,I must say Ginger,Raspberry Leaves,Lemon,Peppermint which can soothe your body & soul.

*Magnesium Dose : Have Kidney beans,Peanuts,Peanut Butter,Pumpkin,Raisins,Soy milk,Spinach,Yogurt,Cashew,Oat meal.

*Beware of Cold : Cold Beverages should be avoided which are one of the cause for cramps.

I will be very soon coming up with the detailed process and Diet to be given or taken by every woman in general.

Last,but not the least I would really say,"Have Courage & Be Kind",'Let's  Love Ourselves & the people around.

A Humble Request to All The Male : Love Them,Take Care of Them & Be Gentle these days especially.They require it & the women out there don't take the kindness of them to be granted or over expect even.

                                                                                              Dt.Sharan Sodhi (Saying Love Yourself)

Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi


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