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Dietitian Sharan

Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi Placement Officer @ Jetking, New Delhi Soft-Skill Trainer @ BSL Jammu, Jammu Event Manager for placement @ The Cadss, New Delhi

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I'mSharan Sodhi

Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

“The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race. ”



Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi

Voice Accent Modulator

Worked as guest faculty in worldwide aviation as Voice accent Modulator. ,New Delhi

Personality Development Trainer

Worked as Personality Development Trainer in Jetking. , New Delhi

Placement Officer

Worked as placement officer @ Jetking , New Delhi

Soft-Skill Trainer

2 Year Experience as Soft-Skill Trainer In BSL Jammu , Jammu

Event Manager

Event Manager for placement @ The Cadss, New Delhi


Ministry of Science Technology

Innovation in science pursuit for inspired research.

flower arrangement competition

Got certificates in flower arrangement competition.

Ministry of Food processing Industries.

Worked with Ministry of Food processing Industries.

National Martial Arts Championship 2011

Participated in 8th National Martial Arts Championship 2011.

7 seas International Education

worked on preparing booklet for 7 seas International Education and Opening Note.


Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.


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I have always been one of those people who has the worst time in the world saying "No." 
I have a planner that would give some people a headache just from looking at it. I have a Hospital Schedule,Diet Counselling activities schedule,Preparing Dietary Plans,Calculating nutrients for the clients,thesis preparation,exams,practicals,reading,conferences,meetings,discussions,rounds that makes people look at me as though I have three heads. I am one of those people who seems to have my finger in a hundred different pies all at one time. From classes to reach out to friends to performances to owned a new business to family availability,availability to the clients,phone calls aah, I am one busy woman.
I am at the point that I have come to dread the times when I am approached and asked to do something because I realize that I need to say "no" at this point in my life. I dislike disappointing people, but I have been learning how to say no. Saying "no" to some actives and obligations is important for many reasons. When I have fewer items on my plate I complete my tasks much better and my work is of higher quality. When I am less stressed, the people in my life are less stressed out by me. When I have time to myself to recharge, I am much more prepared to face the world the next day. Here are some things I have learned about saying the word no.

1. "No" doesn't need any explanation.
If you are already swamped with work and someone approaches you for help, you can simply say "no" just as you would when asked if you want dessert at a restaurant. You don't have to give an explanation for why you cannot do something. If you want to, go ahead; if you don't, revel in the fact that you can simply say that one beautiful word.
2. "No" isn't always bad.
Trust me, there are many times where saying "no" to a project has been the best thing both for me and for those who asked for my help. The word "no" doesn't mean that you don't care for the person or the project going on; it just means that the best thing for you and for them is that you don't participate this time. Maybe you not participating opened doors for the person who rarely steps up to take more of a leadership role. Maybe you not participating meant that you didn't have emotional meltdowns four times a week. Both reasons just help prove that the word "no" doesn't always have to be associated with so-called bad things.
3. You don't have to feel guilty for saying "no."
Don't feel guilty for saying "no" to something; rather, feel empowered that you can be honest with others and yourself about your ability to handle the life you already have without throwing more wood on the fire.
4. Don't say "yes" just because it is hard for you to say "no."
Don't automatically say "yes" just because you find it hard to say "no." This isn't what is best for you or for anyone else. To learn to say "no," you must first accept just how much of a freakin' awesome person you are because once you do that, you will value your time and your mental health. Yes, saying "no" can be very difficult. Yes, some people won't listen to your first or your twentieth "no" (these people are dangerous -- watch out for the overly persistent ones), but you need to take care of yourself first.
There is a reason we are told to put on our own air masks before assisting others on a flight. If you are exhausted and not functioning properly mentally, emotionally and physically, you are in no shape to help those around you. Being selfish of your time enables you to be fully committed to helping those you truly care about. Being selfish of your time means that you are working towards the causes that touch your heart rather than the ones that you aren't that interested in.
So learn to say the word "NO." You will be amazed at how your life changes.

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Dt.Sharan Sodhi
New Delhi,India

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