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Dietitian Sharan

Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi Placement Officer @ Jetking, New Delhi Soft-Skill Trainer @ BSL Jammu, Jammu Event Manager for placement @ The Cadss, New Delhi

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I'mSharan Sodhi

Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi

“The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race. ”



Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital,New Delhi

Voice Accent Modulator

Worked as guest faculty in worldwide aviation as Voice accent Modulator. ,New Delhi

Personality Development Trainer

Worked as Personality Development Trainer in Jetking. , New Delhi

Placement Officer

Worked as placement officer @ Jetking , New Delhi

Soft-Skill Trainer

2 Year Experience as Soft-Skill Trainer In BSL Jammu , Jammu

Event Manager

Event Manager for placement @ The Cadss, New Delhi


Ministry of Science Technology

Innovation in science pursuit for inspired research.

flower arrangement competition

Got certificates in flower arrangement competition.

Ministry of Food processing Industries.

Worked with Ministry of Food processing Industries.

National Martial Arts Championship 2011

Participated in 8th National Martial Arts Championship 2011.

7 seas International Education

worked on preparing booklet for 7 seas International Education and Opening Note.


Dietician @ Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.


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Mrs.Bali,suffering from spinal problem was been advised by the doctors to consult the dietitian

Don't fall in love with the girl who loves Rain

Do not fall in love with a girl who loves the rain
She will step into your world, unnoticed-
like an overlooked clenched fist,
an impending threat that would soon cause pain
You will find her in the street corner,
holding her hand out under her umbrella
Smiling to herself,
and maybe even singing a capella
You will find her giggling,
jumping on puddles like a little kid
Or maybe drinking coffee by the window pane, looking out at the skies as she did

Run before you lose the chance, young man
Because she will rain on your parade
It will be like a never ending game of charades
So open the door and walk away
while you still can
Because she’s a black hole-
a supernova, a theoretical mass
She will pull you into her world,
show you her galaxies and constellations,
her hopes, her fears, and her aspirations
and then
break you like glass

She may come off as calm and cool,
but don’t be fooled
She's a mess;
she’s impulsive, indecisive and reckless
I mean, she would even
walk in the rain in her best dress
But without a doubt,
she will blow you away
With the winds of an oncoming hurricane,
With a hundred miles per hour,
she will knock you down and make you sway
Play games with your mind
that would surely drive you insane

So don’t you dare fall in love
with a girl who loves the rain
But if ever you do, make sure
to always bring an umbrella with you
Because she forgets to bring one a lot of times,
Even purposely leaves it behind, sometimes,
And I will tell you this-
her pride might be high,
but she gets cold, too
And she’s scared just like you-
so be patient, and wait
Because who knows,
maybe a little rain
might be the start of something great

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Dt.Sharan Sodhi
New Delhi,India

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